Custom Packaging

There are several kinds of Packaging, and within the realm of Custom Product Packaging, they are often used in a concerted fashion to achieve the desired packaging goals.

Customizing Product Packaging requires a combined effort on the part of the design, inventory control, warehousing and shipping aspects of the proposed projects.

blister_packaging_01Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging is an umbrella term used for packaging products in a particular way. Primarily, Hale Packaging deals with 2 different types of blister packaging. Each of the different methods has it’s own unique advantages, but in the end, they accomplish a similar goal.

The most common kind of Blister Packaging, with respect to Customizing Product Packaging is referred to as thermoformed cavity (blister) packaging. This method necessitates the attachment of the thermoformed cavity to a printed blister card, with the addition of heat and ample pressure. This makes sure that the product is packaged quite tightly. Both sides of the blister card can then be printed upon with the desired graphics or print.

skin_pack_packaging_01Skin Packaging

Skin packaging is a kind of product packaging whereby products are first placed on a sheet of cardboard. A thin film of plastic is then placed over top of them. This film goes on to lay on top of the board, with concomitant introduction of sufficient heat and this creates a vacuum, providing an air tightly sealed final product. The skin packed sheet can then be cut into individual units.

liquid_packaging_01Liquid Packaging

We have the capability to not only blend, but also tightly package your products. With both high and low volume run capacity, we have the experience to quickly, reliably and efficiently package liquids in quantities of 50ml up to 4 liters.

In addition to these techniques of packaging, there exist a variety of services that Hale Custom Product Packaging is willing to offer. Please visit the services page for more on our services.